Mold Inspections in Seattle

If you suspect you may have a mold issue, you need an inspection to find out the extent and severity of the problem. A mold inspection in Seattle is the first step to clearing up your mold issues, if you have any.

In Seattle, it is especially important to stay on top of mold inspections. The climate here is unfortunately conducive to mold growth. Home owners should be especially careful. Whether your home is still under construction or you’ve been living in your house for years, make sure you aren’t living with the hidden threat of mold that could make you and your loved ones sick. Mold can also damage the structural integrity of the house. That’s not only dangerous, but costly to fix.

Mold Inspection in Seattle

Mold Solutions NW has experienced mold inspectors who know how to find any and all signs of mold in your home or business. Our inspectors know all the sneaky places where mold might hide, including:

  • Between your walls
  • Under the carpet or flooring
  • In a damp, dark basement
  • Under a sink
  • Near a leaky pipe
  • Around window sills
  • In the furnace

Some of these locations might surprise you. Mold can grow anywhere damp and dark, however. It can even get into the foundations of your home and cause damage as it grows in secret. Mold that grows under a sink or between walls can get kicked up accidentally and move around the building. The spores are invisible to the naked eye, but will allow the mold to spread. As it takes hold in a new location, it can grow anew. Even as you eliminate mold in one spot, therefore, you might find it in a new location.

Mold Inspection Cost

Mold Solutions NW provides residential and commercial mold remediation options to help you get rid of your mold problems. We offer affordable and EPA-certified products so you know you’re getting the best service at the best price. We strive to be environmentally friendly with all our mold inspection and cleaning solutions. Our exceptional safety record and warranty speak for themselves. No matter where you’re located in the Seattle area, we can help with your mold issues.

One of our first steps in a mold inspection. We take this step very seriously and seek to root out every single instance of mold present in your building, office or home. We want to find even the invisible signs of mold so that once we start a remediation you know you’ll never deal with a mold problem ever again.

Free Mold Inspection

Contact us to schedule a free mold assessment for your home or business. We can give you a picture of the mold problem you may be facing and offer advice on the next steps you can take to address it. We’re eager to work with you to eliminate your mold issues.

Home and House Mold Inspection

Getting a mold inspection for your home can prevent structural damage and illness for family members and pets. We know the signs of mold in a home or house. They include:

  • Peeling and cracking paint
  • Bulges in the walls
  • Damp surfaces like countertops and walls
  • Peeling or discolored wallpaper
  • Stains on the walls
  • Condensation around windows or pipes

People who are living in a home that has mold may develop non-specific symptoms that seem like allergies. This can include things like rashes, itchy eyes, sneezing, runny nose, congestion and cold symptoms.

Mold Inspection and Testing

Mold inspection and testing includes seeking out the visible and invisible signs of mold in a building or structure. These signs may be obvious, but there are less glaring signals that indicate mold is present and needs to be addressed.

Air testing searches for some of the more subtle signs of mold growth in a home or business. Air testing uses samples of the air in a building to look for spores that indicate the presence of mold. Spores that get into the air can make people and pets sick even though they are invisible. Mold spores can also allow mold to spread, finding new places to grow in the home. If you get rid of visible mold but allow the spores to spread then you might have a new problem on your hands once that new mold takes hold and starts to grow all over again.

Mold Inspection Services

Our mold inspection services include a thorough appraisal by our trained and experienced inspectors. They will check every single area of your home or business and find mold wherever it’s growing.

Mold inspection is a comprehensive service meant to completely canvas a building. We will leave nothing unchecked. After our inspectors have done their work, you can be sure that there is no mold anywhere in your home or business.

Mold Inspection Companies

Some mold inspection companies will leave the job partially done, but we at Mold Solutions NW will completely eradicate your mold problems.

We are a Washington-based company with locations in North Bend and Cle Elum, as well as other locations in Washington. As such, we understand the specific needs of home and business owners in the Seattle area. We live and work here just like you and while we love the climate, we know that it can cause mold problems. Our mold inspection company understands Seattle and its mold remediation needs.

Who to Call for Mold Inspection

Don’t call just anyone for mold inspection. There are a lot of companies out there that promise results they can’t deliver. Mold Solutions NW is eager to work with you to eliminate your mold problems, however.

Contact us today for a free mold assessment. We’ll examine your potential mold problems and offer expert advice on what next steps you should take to ensure you’re safe from mold. After inspection we will also offer mold remediation services. Remediation from us means total elimination of mold and prevention of future mold problems. We don’t just want to get rid of mold today; we want to make sure it can’t come back later.