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Mold Remediation in Seattle


Mold Solutions has been performing professional mold remediation in Seattle and the surrounding area since 2007.

Mold is a sneaky predator carrying with it a potentially dangerous health concern that grows nearly anywhere and can remain undetected for years. The proven mold remediation process available at Mold Solutions can provide you with the peace of mind you need to know that your home or workplace in the Seattle area is free of mold for years to come.

Mold Remediation with 10-Year Warranty

Licensed, bonded and insured, we are industry experts in mold remediation protocol, as well as mold science and building science, with extensive experience in treating mold on any kind of surface.

Call Mold Solutions at 425-888-3332 today to schedule a mold inspection for your home or office in the Seattle area. Our mold remediation services are backed by a 10-year warranty.

The experienced mold remediation technicians at Mold Solutions will safely rid your Seattle area residential or commercial property of mold and ensure it does not come back. We use a permanent, surface-modifying treatment that, once applied to a product, creates a new surface. This surface is permanently resistant to microbial attack.

Stay Clean, Healthy with Mold Remediation

The proven mold remediation offered at Mold Solutions works to permanently resolve existing mold issues of any kind with a seven-step process.

        1. Inspection

        2. Containment of Affected Area

        3. Mold Remediation Process

        4. Removal of Damaged Items and Materials

        5. Job Site Cleanup and HEPA Vacuum

        6. Applying Anti-Microbial Preventative

        7. Final Inspection

Mold growth is due to moisture problems, so mold remediation in the Seattle area is a common problem. Fixing problem areas at first sight will greatly prevent the possibility of harmful mold growth levels.

Call 425-888-3332 now to schedule a residential or commercial mold remediation inspection in Seattle and the surrounding area, or simply fill out the form to the right and a knowledgeable representative will respond shortly.

Mold Remediation in Washington