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What is the difference in mold remediation and mold removal?

Mold Remediation ServicesMold remediation is simply removing excess mold and returning the mold levels back to their natural state. Mold spores are naturally present indoors and outdoors. As such, it is impossible to completely remove mold spores. Some may claim to completely remove mold, but they cannot truly remove it. Here at Mold Solutions, we are highly experienced in mold remediation.

Can’t I just do the mold remediation myself?

Although you can treat mold overgrowth on your own, it is much safer to use a mold specialist. Prolonged exposure to mold has been linked to both respiratory and neurological damage. A certified mold removal expert will wear protective gear during the mold remediation, protecting them from the dangerous effects of mold. Additionally, they will quarantine the area slated for mold remediation with a thick plastic liner, and use HEPA air scrubbers to prevent any contaminants from escaping to nearby areas.

How do I know if mold remediation is needed?

Mold Solutions offers a free, no-obligation inspection if you suspect that you may have a mold problem. If no mold remediation is necessary, but the conditions are conducive to mold growth, a mold prevention plan may be recommended. If there is excess mold discovered in the inspection, our certified technicians will compile a comprehensive mold remediation plan specifically for you and your situation. Our mold remediation plans are all so effective at removing mold growth and preventing it from coming back.

Is there an overgrowth of mold in your home or office? Don’t ignore the mold and its potentially hazardous consequences for your health! Our mold remediation service will ensure that the danger of mold is completely neutralized. Mold remediation treatments will even target the hidden areas where mold generally stays hidden. Contact us today for your free inspection, or to start your mold remediation project!

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