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Residential Property Mold Remediation


Our Residential Property Mold Remediations are safe and effective – guaranteed!

Mold Solutions NW has the right solution for you if you are in need of residential property mold remediation services. Long term exposure to mold can be a danger to your health regardless of where the mold originates from. In some cases, it may not be obvious at all where the mold is coming from, and it may be affecting you and your family without even realizing it. Whether it is in your home, or at your workplace, mold is a problem that needs to be dealt with, and we are here to help you resolve exactly that. Mold Solutions NW has the answer for your residential property mold remediation needs; call us at 425-888-3332 to schedule an appointment today, or you may use the contact form on the right.

Residential Property Mold Remediation Services include:

When we perform our residential property mold remediation services, we have a standardized process that we follow. First, we inspect every facet of the home to determine the problematic areas. After the inspection, we contain the contaminated area with specialized plastic sheeting, and HEPA air scrubbers to prevent further air contamination. Once the mold is properly contained, we then apply our specialized MMR product to eradicate mildew and mold stains. After applying the MMR, we then remove any materials or items that were infected or damaged by the mold. We then do a thorough cleaning of the jobsite and use HEPA Vacuums to collect minor particles that are not easily seen. Once this cleanup has been performed, we treat the area with our very own antimicrobial preventative. Upon completion of the application of the antimicrobial, we then perform a final inspection to see that it was properly applied to the problem area. This process is a tried and true method that has proven effective since 2007.

Why Get Residential Property Mold Remediation?

Mold Solutions NW can ensure that we can treat any mold issue, or even prevent it from happening in the first place from the beginning of your home’s construction. We guarantee that our product will last for an incredibly long time, and because of this, we offer a 10 year warrantee for our product. Our products are highly affordable, yet highly effective and environmentally friendly. If you have mold, don’t wait. Call Mold Solutions NW today at 425-888-3332, or use the contact form on the right.