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Mold Inspection


Mold is a common concern in our world today, and in Seattle it can be a common problem. Many are starting to understand the various dangers that are involved when mold gets into a home. Some of these dangers are to the health of the people and animals that live in the home, but what people may not realize is that the structural integrity of their homes and businesses may be at risk.

Mold doesn’t just cause illness within those who inhale the spores and elicit allergic reactions, it also eats away at any material it’s found on. This means the beams, walls, ceilings, floors, even the very foundations that your home is built on might be decaying due to the mold that could be found on them. Though mold is seen in all climates, regions with large amounts of moisture in the air, such as the Pacific NorthWest, are certainly more prone to mold problems. Seattle residents are certainly no stranger to mold, and the dangers that it can pose.

What does a Mold Inspection do for You?

Though it’s alarming, there are plenty of options available to those who own a home or business in Seattle. Of course, before anyone gets too worked up over the dangers of mold they should have an inspection done. There are multiple benefits to hiring a professional to inspect your home or business for mold, including:

  • A professional survey of potential areas for future mold problems
  • A review of potential problem areas for current mold problems
  • An initial analysis of current mold levels
  • A review of possible mold removal/remediation needs
  • Personalized advice regarding mold prevention

When you get a mold inspection a professional will go through your home or business with a fine tooth comb. They’ll be looking for a number of factors and signs of current mold and mildew problems, as well as ones that show potential areas where mold may grow in the future. With this inspection you’ll be well informed of what you’re current situation is, if you need further action, and what possible steps you may need to take.

What Mold Solutions NW has to Offer

It’s best to be informed about what your needs are, and what your options are. When we at Mold Solutions NW perform a mold testing or inspection service we take the time to inform you about what we’re doing, and what you can expect from us. We treat mold related problems with care, because we understand how much of an affect they could have on your home, business, and life. You may even qualify for a FREE home inspection. Please fill out our contact form to see if you are eligible.

When we perform a mold inspection service we do so with the understanding that the people of Seattle have lives to live and things to do. We know that you don’t have the time or money to waste on excess work or careless mishaps. Our testing and inspections are thorough, and our experts will work diligently to ensure that your home or business is a safe place. We’ll provide a professional experience where we walk you through the process, and inform you about the results and all of your options.

What can You Expect During an Inspection?

During our testing and inspections we focus on the places where mold is mostly likely to grow, which would be damp, dark, and/or low traffic areas. The first area we’ll center on would be potential moisture spots, as mold requires moisture in order to grow. There are a number of possible areas in a home or business where you might find such spots, including around pipes, windows, doorframes, air conditioning units, refrigerators, and more. In areas with large amounts of rain and moisture in the air, such as Seattle, outer walls, openings in the ceiling, and areas around the outer parts of the foundation are also key inspection locations. Our first goal is to ensure that your building’s problem areas don’t currently have a mold problem.

If there is a problem then the next step would be for us to estimate how far reaching the problem is, and what course of action is required to ensure that the mold is brought back under control. Should we catch the mold early enough then this process will be quick and easy for all involved. However, if the problem is allowed to continue to grow then the damages caused, alongside the cost of a larger and more in depth remediation process, will add up at an astonishing rate.

If we don’t find that there’s a need for mold remediation, but there is still a potential for problems in the future, then we have mold prevention services that we’re prepared to offer as well. We’re so confident in these services that we able to offer a 10 year gaurentee with them. These services involve the use of antimicrobial chemicals that coat and defend surfaces against mold and mildew.

Investing in Mold Inspections and Mold Testing

You know you’re home or business, and we know our mold. We’re able to work with you to find the places that have the most risks, and to create a plan that fits your needs without any extra work or costs. Our goal is to ensure that you have your mold related needs met without you having to pay more than you have to, both with your money and your time. When you get a mold inspection done you’re not just checking that there’s no mold present right now, you’re also future proofing your home or business.

By working with us at Mold Solutions NW for your Seattle mold inspection and testing needs you’ll be working with a team of experts who care. Our mold testing and inspection services are designed to serve you above all else. You can call us at 425-888-3332 to set up an appointment to have your home or business inspected and tested for mold.


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